Saturday, September 08, 2007

Forks of the River

Rode from the house, out the greenway and along the waterfront. Tail-gaters were set up all along the way, as Drew and I worked our way to the south the Knox trails. While most of Knoxville is watching college football and getting pumped up about some orange colored football team, we put down an epic ride in our own backyard.
I enjoy football season as much as the next guy, but a game is just much more enjoyable after a long ride. And todays ride was about four hours of ride time, and we were gone for about 5 hours.
Bearden->Lyon's View->Cherokee Boulevard->Third Creek->Waterfront->Cross the river at John Sevier->Ijams greenway->Meade's Quarry->Forks of the River->The Hann's Property->Forks of the River-> Ijams->Island Homes->Downtown->Fort Sanders->Third creek->Sutherland->Harpers->Home.

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