Monday, October 01, 2007


Jeff Murray gave me his race # for Tobacco Free-Ride, at Dupont State Forest. I rode the 27 mile course in 2:20 after starting in the back of the pack and busting through the bottle-neck. Then spent the rest of the weekend in Shangri-la, aka Pisgah Forest.
After the Dupont Free-Ride, I set up camp in the White Pines camp sites, which was also base camp for the Double Dare race which started at high noon. Shawn McCann and Chris Ivory battled it out until 10:00 that night, while I climbed to the top of Black Mountain to enjoy the view and then the long downhill back to camp.
Sunday morning was cold as hell. 37 degrees. I decided to drive into town to get some coffee and warm up. After making breakfast quesadillas, I gathered my gear and headed back up Black Mountain and continued on across the peaks to Avery Creek. I made it back to camp after the LONG descent with a crooked smile that could use a beer. So I sat in the sun with the cool breeze flowing, and enjoyed life with a grin and a beer. And made another quesadilla.
Not much of a story I guess. But the real story is the lack of a story. It was nice to be able to harvest the ride, when the weather was right and the week was just about too long.

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