Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Moment of Realization is Worth a Lifetime of Prayers

The changing season blows my mind to whats to come, and peaks my interest in winter expeditions. The harsher conditions quiet the forest and allievate the tourist from the nearby Smoky Mountains. My favorite dayhike or trail run, is from Allum Cave trail to the top of Mt. LeConte.
A cold front has blown in, bringing much needed rain and the anticpated cold weather. The leaves have been incredible this year, which is suprising, given the dry summer.
I always look forward to the next season. Therefore, Tennessee, and its distinct four seasons, suites me well. Although, the whole buckle-of-the-Bible-belt and extreme-redneckism countered by suburban sprawl, has me questioning the sanity of the South. Philanthropy is dead in Knoxville.
If only they knew that a moment of realization is worth a lifetime of prayers. Even my dog knows.


ExtrmTao said...

I piled up leaves for the first time last night in my yard. My dog was going nuts! He would jump in the pile lay there thinking nobody could see him and then with one motion he would bound out of the leaves turn right around and do it all over again. Life for him is good, makes me happy.


Thomas Gaines said...

I always loved my friends dogs, but was never into the responsiblity of caring for a dog of my own. Until Hank.
I know what you mean.