Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Origin of Junk Food

I was so grateful for Friday, we celebrated by an evening at a very swanky new "barcade"; The Fort Sanders Yacht Club.

The shotgun building in Ft. Sanders had an impressive line-up of Donkey Kong, Dig Dug and Galaga, to name a few. The small bar had a cool feel, and at least reasonable beer prices. Me and my brother drank a few Sierra Nevada Pale Ale's and slung quarters at a few machines. Belting away on the joy stick was a blast! It reminded me of being kids, riding our bikes across town to play these same games at the Mr. Gattis.

In unrelated news, there is no bike riding to report for Saturday. However, I did have fun hanging out at Harpers, getting my Yeti 575 ready for a ride I will also miss. Since I am spread thin from long hours at work, currently, I opted out of the Pisgah trip. I am going to stay closer to home and ride in the Smokies.

PMBAR is closer than I am ready. It looms like a potential disaster. So far, my every-so-often greenway-riding seems like about all I have done to prepare. But in the immortal words of Jim Dandy "It's better to regret something you have done than it is to regret something you haven't." I just hope Eric doesn't fire me from the team. There has been a history of team shake-ups here in Knoxville. Jeff was fired by his team-mate last year. I guess Brian thought his frequent trips to Vegas weren't preparing him for the the altered state of endurance adventure racing. Well Jeff tried-out for Brian's team this year, and Jeff must have passed. As it stands the two are planning to make a run. But I expect the tables may have turned, since Brian has picked up skateboarding and neglecting his training. So you ask, Who is in better shape? Stay tuned for the next episode of As the Wheel Turns.


Anonymous said...

yeah i checked this place out too. it was awesome! lots good beer, $2 tall boy pbr, coors, highlife, colt45 and schlitz to name a few. they also had some OLD games like missle command, donkey kong, centipede, galaga, etc, even had streetfighter, and gauntlet, and all the games were .25

the yacht club rocks...

1SpeedBrian said...

Just you wait, Ill carry Jeff’s ass to within sight of the finish and then ditch him for the victory. Skateboarding builds core muscles that are all too important when that bitch known as Pisgah starts throwing a Ro-sham-bo your way.