Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Future Hall-of-Famer

I traveled back to the city where I grew up and started riding bikes, this week. And it brought back some memories. (Although I have made several trips Nashvegas lately.)
It all started in the woods and hills around my South Nashville neighborhood, building trails and sweet jumps. As a kid I knew the woods around my neighborhood like the back of my hand. We traveled by bike all over Brentwood, and rode into town (via trails, neighborhood roads and sidewalks) for the first of many epic journeys.

Later in life, I remember re-discovering the joy of riding bikes, thanks to the advent of mountain bikes. In the early 90's I acquired my first mountain bike, a shiny new Specialized Rock Hopper. I remember riding the trails of Percy Warner Park (that I helped build on the SWAT team {Summer Warner Action Team.}) In my older teen years, the hills of West Nashville became my new stomping ground. At this time, the long climb to the top was best done in a truck with bikes loaded in the back. We would hang out at the top and catch a buzz, before bombing down the hill.
I'm proud to look back on my history of rides, and realize I am the same as I ever was. Still kicking it in the woods, still riding hard and enjoying the good life by bicycle. I hope that the next generation of Gaines will discover this pleasure, regardless, I am sure the adventurous spirit will be passed along.

Percy Warner Park: Dripping Springs (Deep Well) on Mossy Ridge Trail

View along my Knoxville urban assualt ride


Matt said...

Great post! I grew up on a BMX bike, racing and riding all over town. Good times.

Your picture reminded me of an old one I have. Had to dig it out.

Serious race face. Had it then and still have it now. I guess you never out grow being too competitive.

Randy Conner said...

I grew up in Norris and there were trails all town that are blocked off today. I had a Sears 24" that I lowered the handlebars down so it would look like a "racer".

Big fun. Oh, and we rode to school rvery day. Uphill both ways!