Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Biscuit Burner

Windrock and it's Full-Biscuit loop.
Finally, I got a chance to get out and explore the new trails at Windrock, with Drew and Eric. Cross-Country singletrack is a relatively new thing to these mountains, which are know for downhill mountain bike trails, strip-minig and atv trails. So I was hopeful that a local gem was a possiblity. My expectations were exceeded, and the possiblities are endless. The campground loop flows through a mixed hardwood forrest. The trails traverse some very steep terrain and occasional views of the surrounding mountains remind you of the rugged woods that surround you. However, the trail provides excellent momentum and you can breeze through this section without tapping into the reserves needed to finish the full biscuit.

Walden Ridge trail starts out following a river bed, and eases you into the massive climb ahead. The long arduous climb ascends some of the steepest logging roads I have ever seen. But the pay-off is huge, and the ridge-line trail delivers in full. Awesome views, challenging rock sections and fast flowing descents make this section my favorite! I am going back tommorrow!

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