Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blowin' in the wind with the answers

Photos from a Saturday-morning-epic-road-ride; to the foot of the Smokies and back. 90 miles.

Hurricane Ike blew through the gulf, and gas prices sky rocketed. Eric and I were planning to head to North Carolina and ride Bent Creek trails in Pisgah; instead I will leave the car parked.

Rolling out in the morning dew

Porterfield Gap

Walden Creek

Finally, a candidate worth voting for!

Panther Creek

Miller's Cove

Nails Creek


Game day traffic

Eric, Drew, Jonathon, Jeremy, Mark and myself ran into some fellow mountain-bikers on road-bikes in Walland; Alex and Nathan. We rode back in a big group.

The longest mile, heading home:


Randy Conner said...

We did the same thing. We went east and over Joppa Mtn Rd for 68 miles. We had planned on riding Tanasi. I wasn't afraid of not finding gas. It was just my little protest and I left the element in the driveway.


Thomas Gaines said...

I asked myself, what would Eddy Merckx do? Ride to the Ride! I found the answer blowin in the tailwind.

I don't know any road routes east of Knoxville. I am interested, however, in Clinch Mountain and now Joppa Mtn.

The Ramsbottoms said...


I got one for you that's ~109

The Ramsbottoms said...
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Thomas Gaines said...

Ben, do have a road bike now? We should go ride. I am looking for a tour guide of east Knox roads. Or we could just go shred some trail!