Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hardcore Jollies

Great sloppy Sunday for gravity research, under the influence of blue skies on Walden Ridge and Windrock DH. Low temps in the twenties made for a frosty morning, but as the sun warmed things up, the endorphins kicked in. Eric and I pushed our DH bikes up to the top of Walden Ridge, sweating out too much beer from last night. The leaves covered the trail and shredding our way down was like dancing on the leaves, with moments of total loss of control. But all ended well as we descended back to the car. Still fired-up and looking for trouble, we drove up the mountain (Windrock), to the trailhead of Startin' Sh*t. We left the car at the top, hoping that we would run into someone to give us a ride back up. It was Eric's first ride at Windrock, and he handled it like a natural. We rolled down Snake Rock pinning-it and shredding with smiles plastered on a beautiful day. We got a ride from Jay and Mark back to the top (Windmill), and took our time getting down in the gloriously sloppy conditions. ]

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