Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Child Left Behind Alley Cat Race

I can think of no better deal in bike racing, than a free bike race which ends at a bar, + dinner included (bratwurst and kraut), + prizes and a some hard rock on a key-tar(that band was bad-ass!)
The No Child Left Behind / Alley Cat /Party race involved a tour of Knoxville's abandoned schools proving without question that many people who have embraced cycling were left behind!
I digress: I rode strong, but the long division got me.

You can sum up the race by saying, "you know its gonna be a rock-n-roll show when the band shows up bleeding!" Yea thats right; In the final few miles, and a sprint to the finish-line, this dude with a Motorhead hairdoo, later to be known as Senator Will Fist, takes off down a hill puffin on a smoke. As he approaches the turn onto Central Avenue, he cuts the turn and wipes-out into about a half dozen summer-salts with his bike flipping everywhere. As his momentum slows, he goes for the smoke and puffs a few tokes, keeping fire burning. Did I mention this guy had no helmet? I can't believe he wasn't hurt, but he wasn't worried about himself or even the bike, just his smoke!
When I made it back to th Pilot Light, and telling war stories at the finish; I see the same guy, arms covered in blood, dragging his drum set into the bar. He proceeded to beat the hell out of the drums and slam PBR's while the other part of the two-man band beat on the slide-keytar, ripping hard-rock out of the speakers. It was a glorious day to be a cyclist in Knoxville!
Big thanks to the Tennessee Valley Bike Shop for putting on another great urban race!

The starting line- Market Square

The finish line- The Pilot Light

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