Sunday, April 19, 2009


I got Bent, like a wet cigarette, at Bent Creek on Saturday. Sunshine and rock-star dirt was the theme for a great ride. On singlespeeds, Eric and I breezed up to the top of Geen's Lick with Hankenstein running along fine. However, the fast descent on Greens Lick put a hurting on him. I don't think the dog ever recovered. All 4 of his paw pads were later discovered to be torn. He nearly crawled out of the woods, I feel terrible since he can't walk today.


ExtrmTao said...

You probably already know or maybe not.

Sometimes when my dogs have tears I can super glue them and they are good to go almost immediately. They have the "shoes" for dogs too but I haven't resorted to those yet. They are expensive.

ExtrmTao said...
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