Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roan Mountain in bloom

This was the second year we have hiked on Roan Mountain with the rhododendron and azaleas in bloom, but my first fathers day. We left a heat wave in the Tennessee Valley for a bitter sweet cool day at high elevation. Temperatures were in the 50's and I'm sure it dropped into the 40's at the highest peaks.
On another note, we have discovered an Appalachian gem, a true cultural and culinary experience. Ridgewood Barbecue. An outstanding and unique barbecue sandwich. They just do the basics, and they do it exceptionally well.
The wait was an hour and a half at 5:00 in the afternoon, so we took ours to go, and had a picnic by the lake with a cooler of Fat Tire and Pale Ales. Then rinsed off the sauce from my face and hands in the lake. We stayed the night and went swimming with Macie. It was a great escape.


ZaskarLE said...

I grew up on Ridgewood BBQ and went there twice for my high school prom appearances. Best BBQ I've had in the south by far.

Gord said...

Give the poor dog the cheese nip!