Saturday, August 15, 2009


I can resist anything except temptation; and I am always game for a good opportunity to check out some new trails, especially world-class downhill trails via a gondola. So when Eric asked if I wanted to drive out to Colorado to help his dad move some stuff; and tie in a few rides, you know I was up to get down. It was an inexpensive way to get out to a beautiful part of the country, and ride some killer trails. We got through Summit County Wednesday night after a long trek through Kansas. For what it's worth, I made a simple observation that the low point between two mountains is called a gap in East TN/Western NC, a notch in New England; and in Colorado it's called a pass.

By Thursday morning we were ready to ride, but the check engine light came on in the truck, and we had some problems getting it taken care of. I felt like I had just driven to Wally World, and the guy at the gate said "Sorry Folks, parks closed." Eventually we got it taken care of, but I got a little ancy to ride, and when we finaly got on the gondola, the lift stopped and we sat there waiting to get moving for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually we got to the business of riding, and by mid-afternoon we were cracking beers and shredding trails.

The trails at Keystone have some very fast sections; dozens and dozens of perfect big berms, jumps and all the other features you would expect from a Colorado mountain bike park.

Friday's ride threatened to be rained out. I was told several times, they shut down for lightning. We just did every run as if it were our last, and eventually a little blue shown through and the day was won. Another great day on the mountain nearly went into the books as perfect. We had enough time for one more run, however tired I was, I had forgotten by the time I had made it to the bottom. So we headed back up for a victory lap. TNT->Paid in Full-> Money ->then the plan was to ride out on East Forest -> Wild Thing; but as we came through -> Money -> Eric stopped and took a picure for the money-shot, I hit the berm a kept going and as I was coming out to the mid-gondola I looked back to see who was behind and my front tire washed out. down I went. hard. My hand swelled up like a paw. Ouch. Hard crash at the end, I was ready for a beer. out.