Friday, August 28, 2009


I keep the xtra-cycle at the ready these days. If we run out out of milk; me and Macie are gone. I've got an I-pod speaker mounted on my water bottle cage, a seat for the girl and cargo bags to haul whatever we need. I have to admit that I secretly enjoy the murmur of people getting out of their cars and see us pulling in; I am always hearing them say "that's awesome."
It is awesome. Hopefully those people go home and get their own bikes out, if not they are screwing up. But that's hard to understand in our fast paced world of automobiles. But the funny thing is, and not that I'm in it for speed; but I can run to the grocery store and back, quicker by bike than car because of the path that runs from my neighborhood.
And speaking of running errands by bike, have I mentioned that all of my fitness has come from this? Its rained so much that I have barely ridden my trail bikes. And downhilling won't build your climbing legs. Plus, this has been the year of injuries. But fitness will come, and go again. For now, I'm happy to take a shuttle to the top of the mountain, get out and ride the wheels off my bike. I'm happy to run errands with my daughter, cause to her the world is always a beautiful adventure, not just on a bike.

Macie started school last week:

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