Sunday, September 27, 2009

It was beautiful in Pisgah the day my camera died

I gave that camera hell, and I knew this day would come. The Olympus Stylus camera was billed as shock-proof and water-proof, but I bought the extended warranty anyways. I am hoping that decision will pay off, if not I guess I still got my moneys worth.
I wouldn't say that the Olympus Stylus takes great pictures, because its obvious the lens quality doesn't compare to my other Cannon G9. What made that a great camera was that it rode in my jersey pocket no matter the conditions. I didn't have to get off the bike to snap a picture, which allows a unique perspective. No need to set-up a shot, just point-shoot-and pedal.
As you would expect, the light was perfect even in Saturday's rain. I drove to western North Carolina in a rain storm, and met few friends from Louisville, KY for a ride at Dupont. The rain broke for a couple hours so we started from Cedar Rock and did a small tour including sessioning Burnt Mountain.
Afterward, we set up camp near White Pines in Pisgah National Forest. It was pouring rain again at this point, so I set-up an easy-up over the tailgate and turned the Element into my tent; and waited on dryer days to come.
As reported by the weather stations, Sunday was spectacular. Abundant sunshine, zero humidity and a cool breeze in the mountains. We parked a car at the Hatchery, and another at the top of Farlow Gap, where we started our ride. This one had all of the elements of a perfect day in the mountains. Rushing waterfalls were all around, we took our time and took it all in. The dog was happy as a pig in zen, and my new bike was riding like a downhill bike with climbing legs.
Time flies away in the mountains.

my brave little friend looks out over the valley below


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you call that dog brave. I remember hoisting him up and down a rock ledge not that long ago. That dog is a sissy.

Thomas said...

It's sort of like calling a bald guy curly. I had to carry him across the creek crossings on Farlow.