Sunday, September 13, 2009

North-side heinous loop (not so heinous)

3:30 approximate loop: / 34 miles

From Kinzell Springs-> North Hwy 321-> over the swinging bridge-> Old Walland Highway (River Road)-> Wesley Woods-> Gravel Road->Doubletrack-> Singletrack up to-> closed portion of Foothills Parkway-> Hike-a-bike singletrack to Wears Valley side of closed Foothills Parkway-> Wears Valley Rd.-> Lyons Springs->Wear Gap-> Little Greenbriar-> Little River Road-> 73-> Townsend greenway-> car-> dip in the river.

I can't help but feel a sense of regret that one day the parkway will be completed. Not only for the reason that its nice to ride this beautiful road without the presence of anything, much less cars. But also, one day there will be a straight shot from Pigeon Forge to Townsend, and pretty soon the folks of Townsend will feel like they have to entertain their new influx of visitors with Ferris wheels and go-kart tracks, mini-golf and cotton candy, among other ridiculous distractions from the heritage and awesome nature of these smoky mountains. Economically speaking, this area needs jobs; and this construction provides them, both in the short run and the long run. Its just not the kind of growth I would prefer, its more like a deal with the devil, if the devil owned an outlet mall.

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