Sunday, October 18, 2009

trail work

I got a late start leaving for the woods on Sunday morning, and missed the group heading to Raccoon Mountain. I therefore headed to Windrock with some trail building tools and my Kona Dawg. I knew a few guys were scattered across the mountain, getting some trail work done before the fall festival. So I figured the best way to find them was to head out on a bike. My plan was to go up Trail 1-> to Trail 2->; Trail 24->; Startin $hit->down; but that route was far too muddy. I then opted for climbing Windrock Rd. I found Doug and Joey working on a Middle Finger re-route, so I finished my descent and drove back up to meet them. Here's some video of our work.

I later did a run from the Windmills on my XC bike, which was a fun change. I liked riding a lighter bike down, but the geometry was noticeably different than a DH bike.

view of Windrock over Melton Hill Lake:

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