Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cold nights / bright lights

I finaly caved in to the skate park thing. I put up a hell of a fight.
I barrowed a bike the other day and had a ball on a cold night ripping corners and jumping things. I was hooked.
After much internal debate, I decided that the skate park was more accesable than the ski mountain. Further, snow in the southeast can be elusive, although not his week. Since it was the right time of year to sell skis, they went on ebay and I traded them in on a skate park bike.
Last night Matt Stegall showed up, on a ride of his own, with his DSLR and got a few shots. I, like most cyclist, love getting my picture taken jumping things. Its in the nature of cycling that photography goes well with it. I remember taking pictures of jumping stuff as a kid. We'll I guess I'm just a big kid now.

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