Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ramsay Cascade

Despite less than ideal weather, I was determined to make something out of nothing. Fortunately I was able to talk Eric into going for a hike on a shitty Saturday. We drove to the mountains in the rain, which became snow above 2000'. It was hard to tell at what elevation the snow would fall, so rain was a good possibility.

Snow was a welcome sight. We climbed around on icy boulders in old growth forest looking for a big waterfall, and I figure that was good way to spend what was a rainy Saturday morning in Knoxville. Hope you enjoy my pics.

On our way back from the falls, we passed a couple of other groups, which was somewhat of a suprise given the conditions at the lower elevations. But the true hearty souls were the one carying kayaks up the trail to put in the Middle Prong of the Pigeon River on a cold day with the water ripping. We saw two different groups making runs. The water looked rough, way above my skill level in a boat.

The spelling of the the name Ramsay is contridicted here:

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Ben said...

Great pictures as always!