Thursday, March 25, 2010

heartbreak on Heartbreak Ridge

Bummer. Sunday morning in western North Carolina. No where to be and no hurry to get there. All seemed right in the world. Eric and I started up the mountain feeling good on the climb. The grade of Heartbreak Ridge is great for climbing and descending, so we were riding it as an out and back.On the way up we spotted a log ride, and decided to session it. It ended with a severe shoulder injury for Eric.

We assesed the situation, and Eric hiked his bike out. MRI results are back and he's out for at least 6 months. I am sorry Eric.

I pushed up a little further and we headed to the ER.

Heartbreak is a great trail, reminded me of trails I've hike in the Smokies. I went on to film the descent and meet back at the truck.

The log ride is at the 5:57 mark (from a different view / not the same run as the wreck)

The camera cut out before the finish.

Hope you heal up well.

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