Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sun and Steel ~ Iron Mountain

Had a great ride with my boss on Friday afternoon. We finished up with work in just enough time to make the last shuttle of the day. We got dropped at Skulls Gap, which to my boss seemed like the middle of nowhere and a long way from Damascus. After some convincing that I knew where we where going and we would make it back before dark, we pushed onto the trail. We stopped at Shaw Gap, which is near Beartree campground, and I showed Greg that we were making good time and I think that helped ease his mind. That was the point where we really started having fun. The trail flowed well, and the final descent into Damascus was nothing short of awesome. The thunderstorms stayed away, and the temperature was perfect. Blue sky and a great breeze up high on the mountain. 15 miles of sweet singletrack and way more descending than climbing. We finished by the river with a couple of coldies. Perfect day in the mountains.

Give me shelter:

Greg having fun on the downhills:

Back in Black:

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Muddy Matt said...

Myself and a couple of friends went to Iron Mountain a couple of weeks ago. We drove up the Forest Road and went down from there. We got caught in a torrential downpour. It made the decent that much more awesome and terrifying! The creeks were swollen and the trail basically became a river.It was great. I have some pictures on my blog and facebook page. or Check them out.