Sunday, October 10, 2010


There must be a billboard in Florida that says "mountain biking for the whole family, come to Tsali-wood." Floridiots and youth-groups flock to these trails like gapers on a slope. Yet something compelled me to drive around the Smokies to get here for a day, which begs the question; what was I thinking?
It's great that Tsali has made trail riding accessible to such a wide variety of skill levels (from zero to none.) I am happy to see anyone giving it a try. Yet, here's the fact, every time I have ridden here I have run into someone way over their head, on the complete wrong bike and a long way from the trailhead. In a way its laughable.
But I digress, I had a singlespeed, my dog Hank, a cooler of Hoptober, good weather and a day to spend in the woods. I just felt like riding and taking a few pictures of the early fall colors. There are some great stretches of trail and its a fun place. It will likely be a mid-week trip for my return.

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