Monday, October 04, 2010

Waterrock Knob

Just as taking great pictures can be difficult on the most beautiful of blue sky days, even a great foggy mountain's beauty can be elusive through the eyes of a lens.

When its bright, the glare and shadows can ruin a picture. Our trip to Waterrock Knob was anything but.

I was certain that I had spotted the peak from the valley bellow. It was the tallest around, and it was stuck in a cloud. My intuition proved correct, and I was already looking forward to climbing through the balsams in a cloud.

So we are traveling with a two year old, and that can be difficult at times. But she's great, and loves riding in the backpack. The temperature wasn't as cold as it looked, and the threat of rain held off.

Everything on that mountain was picture worthy, but what came through on the screen was challenging. And patience was running out with a two year old who needed a nap. So I did the best I could, and here's what I have to show.

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