Sunday, January 20, 2008

Frozen Humidity

Moisture in the air was freezing and falling like snow on a clear day in the mountains. Me, Eric and Shawn blazed seven-hours of riding when most of America was watching the play-off teams battle it out in tundra conditions. Brutal temps and the unknown of the trails, made for interesting conditions. I carried 100 oz. of water the whole time, and couldn't drink a sip, since it froze almost instantly. My food froze too, but Bourbon kept my whistle wet.
It took more than twice as long than I thought, to reach the top. Opting for a route change, we headed to Grassy Gap. We made it to the trail and realized there would be sveral creek crossings along the way back down and were forced to back-track and turn our ride to an out and back. I changed a flat and lost all my warmth at the top of the mountain. The descent was incredible. Both beautiful and difficult, I made it back to the car giving everything I had. I was completly destroyed as we cranked the heat and opened some beers.


andrew buford said...

NICE PICS!!!! Looks like you guys had a truly epic day.

1SpeedBrian said...

Glad I stayed home. Hope everyone has all their fingers and toes.