Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Unicoi Boy

With a baby on the way, I'll turn my focus to a closer mountain range than Pisgah. Just south of the Smoky Mountains, in Cherokee National Forrest, logging roads and trails traverse Unicoi Mountains. There are several balds in this area and big elevation changes. Nearly perfect for PMBAR training except for a few potential hazards; such as rednecks with guns and a strong dislike for strangers on bicycles. With that in mind, I'll travel in packs, like the dog that I am. So if you want to go explore this region, just an hour south of Knoxville, lets go! Last weekends adventure was inspiring.

In nearly related news, I have been hard at work brewing a few batches of beer lately. Much thanks to my brother for giving me a hand! We have 15 gallons aging in my basement. In a few weeks, post-ride refreshments are gonna get a little fresher!

Winter weather has moved in, and it looks like it's here for the short-run. With snow blowing at the local ski-mountains, I'm looking forward to a few blazing runs down the mountain to prep myself for the big one! Me and Eric are heading out to Colorado for a few days, in February, to play in Gods great party favors: "deep snow and big mountains."

Erin is starting to show; and we are going to know if we are having a boy or a girl in just four weeks!


ExtrmTao said...

Out west skiing ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Some day you need to do a "how to" post on brewing those brews that you are concocting. I want to get into that now that I have my very own man cave.

Thomas Gaines said...

I am no expert on brewing, but I have been fortunate to have befriended several true Brew Masters. I make fresh beer at home, on occasion, but I am always getting better. Its a very rewarding hoby.
That does sound like a good post, maybe next batch I'll post a recipe.

David said...

I'm surprised you left out the maiming of my hand.

-Badly Burned Brother