Thursday, February 14, 2008

You know quiting was the hardest part of the day

I wouldn't say we were really roughing it in Colorado, but we skied a lot of terrain. The tag line "Living on bananas and beer" is an expression to me; meaning "living hard." The steep / deep snow ate my lunch for a few days. My legs were worked over and I was blown away by the beauty.
I have been to Colorado a few times in my life, and the mountains are nothing new to me. Yet the sky had never looked so blue before. Maybe I am getting older and seeing things differently, but I was amazed and inspired.
Since being back, I have had no time to enjoy my hard-earned-acclimation 'to a higher altitude.' The dog is anxious to go riding, but I am covered up with work.
Erin is starting to "show" and we are excited. We'll find out soon if we are having a boy or girl. There is a lot to do; to get ready for our child, who’s soon to arrive. Still I am trying to do everything. Work hard, play hard, and hard love. Meaning: too much of everything is just enough.
Since this is a bike-related blog, I'll use this as a segue to announce a recent entry to PMBAR. It’s no surprise, I've called this one since we finished last year; but me and Eric are back at it this year! PMBAR is on, and we have less than three months to prepare.

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ExtrmTao said...

I feel the same way about the skies we saw last year in Tahoe. So sad I had to miss it this year. Can't wait to see you guys at PMBAR. You will have to try and bring Hank so he and Shade can meet.