Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cul de Nuebert

Bearden Hill->Sutherland->Third Creek->Henley St.->Downtown->Gay St.->Island Homes->Sevierville Pike->Burnett Creek->Rollen->Kimberlin Hights->Porterfield Gap->Union Valley->Boyd's Creek->River Road->Knob Creek->Panther Creek->Goose Gap->Walden Creek->Millers Cove->Walland->River Road->411->McCannon->Martin Mill->Nuebert Springs->Martin Mill->Vestal->Gay St.->Henley St.->Third Creek->Sutherland->Bearden Hill
(+ a few farm roads that are not named on the Gazzetter map)

90 miles.

the summit of Nuebert Springs

Arriving in downtown farm-town

Pain makes it beautiful

We rode a great route on the Sunday road epic, of mountain bikers. The "see you at the top of the climb" attitude barely got us through the headwinds. And after stopping for a six-pack in Walland, we mounted back onto our bikes and headed up Goose Gap in a slight resemblance of a peleton. Like a Slinky, we worked to bring the group in tight, then someone hit the brakes and the caboose didn't. After hitting the brakes myself, to avoid plowing the person in front, I was plowed by Eric and knocked over the bars and out into the road.

Bruised and soar, I got out for a spin on St. Patty's Day. I made it to the Old City and back. Then took the long way home after tour of Leprechauns.

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