Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Down here along the Santa Rosa beach, I have a cruiser bike with a basket; which has carried everything from diapers to copious amounts of beer.
We have been practicing the art of slowing down:
Night swimming, beach walks, sunsets in paradise, drunk golf on decadent courses, dancing with the baby, beer runs on beach cruiser bikes, concerts in the park, seafood dinners, grilling out, hanging-out on the back porch, wii bowling, jumping jet-skis on crystal clear waters, laying by the beach contemplating life, ocean kyaking, chillaxing in good company and priceless moments with Macie.
Peace out.


RAMS said...

Thank you for making my day better! Seeing those shots of the ocean takes me back to so many incredible places, I can feel the water from my hole.


Matt said...

I love that area. We stay in Gulf Trace which is just down 30-A from Santa Rosa. We'll be headed down in October.

Hope you had a chance to eat at the Red Bar. If not, don't miss it next time