Sunday, November 16, 2008


Headed to the 'rock (Windrock Mtn) Sunday morning with snow capped peaks leading the way. It was a beautifully chilly morning, and it never warmed up. I was dubious of trail conditions, but after a run or two, the slickness led to shredness! And so it was.
The fall festival at Windrock was in full effect, and the shuttle truck ran continuous laps. I made 7 downhill runs in 4 hours.
One day soon I will ride with the camera and capture the awesomeness on film.
Thanks Ben Rams, Doug White and Hippie Matt for riding with me. It was a great day on the hill.


Jut Rut said...

Lovin the snow capped peaks myself.

any of the ktown crew coming down for the "Gobbler"? The Pisgah Crew will be there for all three events.

Ben said...

A few of us will be comin to get our Gobble on!