Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Royal Flush Poker Derby

The first Saturday in Spring.

5 check points. 5 hour time limt.
Route can be ridden mostly on Knoxville greenways or side streets.
Faster riders will have an opportunity to hit 2 additional checkpoints for bonus cards.
Also, there will be a 1 card bonus to the first rider at each check-point.
You can play what ever cards you have; i.e. if you hit two checkpoints and get two aces, you don't need to get any other checkpoints if you don't want to.
The additonal checkpoints will force you to race the clock to make it back in 5 hours.
Begin and end at the old Bi-Lo in Bearden. Mexican Restaurant is there for tacos and beers!

Bring money for the new AMBC T-shirts and stickers. All proceeds to benefit AMBC's tool fund.

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