Thursday, February 04, 2010

We need to go back here:

Devils Backbone

Hall Top / Stone Mountain

TN Loookout Towers

Of course it's better as a shuttle run, but Dunnigan lays out a good route to climb it:

From the Hartford exit (Exit 447), you can ride a 19 mile loop up to the Stone Mountain tower ( Hall Top). Park at Mill Creek road (1260') on your left, ride the pavement up Big Creek Road 3.7 miles to a left at Raven Branch and then a left at mile 4.1 and then a left at mile 4.5 up gravel Hall Top Road (FR 207). (The lower area is residential, and there are lots of dogs!@!) Climb 5 miles to the tower (3610'). Stone Mountain trail (#9), departs from the cliff area 0.2 miles before the tower and descends 2.5 miles to FS 110 which drops 3.5 miles along Mill Creek. Follow Mill Creek Rd 1.3 miles back to Big Creek Road.

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The Smelsers said...

I'm in just let me know when...I would prefer NO snow hiking!