Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Erin and some of her friends ran a 15k at the Biltmore on Sunday morning. Macie and I came along for support, and ended having the ride of a lifetime.
The fog was thick as a blanket, and made for a perfect 60 degree morning with a few hours to spend on a bike. We hooked up the trailer, we so rarely use, and pedaled off on the trails on the Biltmore property.
The trails were fantastic for exactly the kind of ride we were doing: an exploratory ride with lots of great sceenery. Macie loved the geese, I just liked poking around and searching for the "house." Since the race started at the winery and the roads were closed for the race, we got to the house via a network of trails that wondered farmland and woods, creeks, rivers and lakes.
Here's a few pics from the trip, and some from the hike on at Craggy Gardens fromt the day before.

The Biltmore:

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