Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Never-Ending Math Equation

When you have a tail wind, just go. My PMBAR training plan is as simple as that.
I have laid out a few points to make sure I get the most.
• When the road splits, take the long way home.
• When the road turns to gravel, take the gravel road till you find trail.
• On the trail, ride till you hit the wall, then go further.
It’s a simple math equation; just go till it hurts, then go a bit further.

I have been out on the 'cross bike the last few days, and I feel an energy from the urban landscape that propels me. Feeling good on two wheels, I end up racing cars, jumping curbs, pumping grade reversals and thrilling out!
Monday night I took off from the house, where I always leave the neighborhood heading down a hill, and gain speed fast. I popped out into the evening commute and started weaving my way to the greenway through the gradual downhill into the heart of west Knoxville. Crossed Kingston pike, never stopping and onto the bike trail, I hoofed it along Sutherland Avenue and into the Third Creek greenway at about 35 miles per hour! I was flying through the twisty section, or so it seemed at an accelerated rate, making it to Cherokee Boulevard in a matter of moments. Back onto the road, I was racing cars through the hills and winning the battles! Until I dropped along the shore, I didn't realize the propellant heading east was a strong tail wind!
Heading back home into the headwind was true PMBAR training!

Tuesday night, I'm in Johnson City, TN.
Now I get the question while traveling for work, "What’s up with the bike?"
I respond “It’s my escape-vehicle if my car breaks down." So I drove that car till' it ended up on blocks!
After checking into the hotel, I quickly don the biking attire. Its winter so I'm in jacket and long pants. I forgot a head warmer, but I've got two head bands to help battle the strong wings and 35 degree temps. Claiming "it’s not that cold," which it wasn't, I head out into the great unknown.
The beautiful sunset unfolded slowly before me as I aimed for the mountains. Buffalo Mountain to be exact. Following the greenway, out of the chain of chain-restaurants and big-box-stores, I headed directly for, what appeared to be a big mountain, straight ahead. Figuring its perfect for PMBAR training, I stayed the course.
I ended up at ETSU campus and the base of Buffalo Mountain. So I poked around campus for a bit, and found a paved bike trail that led me downhill and into a jump. So I clicked it into the big ring, the Big, Big ring. Straight flying. I over shot the jump by like forever, and flew off the side of the next road and straight into the steep embankment. Somehow I pulled it out, by unweighting my rear wheel and pulling up, avoiding certain tradgedy.
Undeterred, I kept heading into the mountains, finding a dead end road, through the campus. Sure enough I found the golden single-track off this road. Like I was born to find this hidden trail. I couldn't believe my discovery. I usually ride Warroirs Path when in Johnson City, but its amazing that great singletrack was hidden just 7 miles from the hotel, and connected by greenway. So I enjoyed a great spin around very fun trails.

While I was riding the local trails and goofing around town, there were a few folks hitting it hard in Pisgah. Toeing the line on a 36 hour bike ride in Februardy raises the bar for hitting it hard.
Here's a great ride up : Biking in a Zen Manner

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