Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Best of 07

Better than any top 10 list. I've got 16.

1. My wife and I are expecting! She's 13 weeks along and the baby is due July 6th. We will found out if we are having a boy or girl in March. Lots to look forward too.

2. Hank.

3. A very dry summer with a rainstorm of perfect trail conditions.

4. The weekend of brew fest.

5. The brew ride.

6. The weekend of the 12 hours of the Hill of Truth, including the night before.

7. The Bele Chere festival in Asheville.

8. Snow ride at Tanasi.

9. Beating my previous years time by thirty minutes at the Off-Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell.

10. Twelve hours of riding in the rain at PMBAR, finishing with a push over Turkey Pen Gap (the longest climb of my life) followed by a long walk down Black Mountain because of complete brake failure.

11. Snowshoe.

12. This one time at band camp…. Or rather Snake Creek Gap, when I underestimated the 34 miles and finished completely dehydrated. I felt like crusty salt. Then the next months race I gave my race-number to Emily (a bad-ass 13-year-old girl) who rode a blistering pace and pushed my name to the top group of finishers. Thanks Emily!

13. Hiking at Roan Mountain.

14. Sundown in the city.

15. Epic road rides. (This would be the first time this category has even made an appearance in my top 100.)

16. All 4 rides at Dupont State Forest. March, August, October, December.

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